Crash your School’s Server|Batch File

** Video tutorial available(link below)

Again a batch file. So this time the code is even smaller. WARNING! Save all your data before trying this. Click here to read my old blog about crashing someone’s system.

So let’s begin with the code…. This is popularly known as the FORK BOMB. I will introduce you with two Fork Bomb’s. I’ll recommend you to go for the short one…. Code below!

The long one, the dangerous one!

The crude code for the self calling batch file is:

start runme.bat
goto runthis

Type that in a file and name it runme.bat. The reason you have to name it as ‘runme.bat’ is because of the file name being mentioned in the second line. If you want to make it more flexible, you can change the file to look something like this:

start %0
goto runthis

In this case, the ‘%0’ will automatically be replaced by the batch file’s name. This will make sure that even if the user renames the file, it would still run.

The line by line explanation of this file is as follows:

:runthis is a label which determines a point where the execution can be sent using the goto command.

start %0 asks the command prompt to launch another instance of the same batch file into another process.

goto runthis command tells the execution to go to the runthis label which will then call the start %0 command.

The short ‘n’ sweet version for pranks

The shortest fork bomb for Windows can be a batch file which would have the following as its contents:


The best thing about this code is that I actually crashed my school’s server using this code. In my school all the system’s are interconnected so I ended up crashing my whole lab. Yes, Everyone freaked out! Should have tried this in the start of the lecture..:)

Sorry…the video is not available on mobile devices… Though you can see it by browser…. Go to the video then click on browsers menu then request desktop site….


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