Setup Kali Linux on Virtual Box

Welcome again to my blog, today we will see how to setup kali linux to work on virtual box.

Required: A working PC with any OS, Virtual Box (Click here to download), Kali linux .ova file (Click here)[Warning* Download Virtual box image*], Virtual box extension pack(Download)

So first Install Virtual Box, Then Install Virtual Box Extension Pack … Just double click on the file to install it.Now open Virtual Box.

Screenshot from 2017-03-14 16-20-18

Go to file>Import appliance

Screenshot from 2017-03-14 16-21-09.png

Navigate to the downloaded .ova file and click on open.

Now the import session will start… be patient ,It may take time…Then after it gets imported… just Start Kali linux …

The username is root and the password is toor.

Take a look at my recent blog to have a idea to doing this : Use Android 7 on PC | Virtual Box | Nougat (latest release)


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