DR RANN | Claims to hack COC | Hacker or Faker?

Hello Friends, Welcome Back ….I know this is off-topic but this discussion is important.. This Hacker Rann(He calls himself so… well he is not)

Channel- Dr Rann He claims to be a Black-Hat Hacker… See his about page on Youtube:

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 11-36-32

53700 Subs- really… for his stupid content? He fools you and you believe him?

First see the video(Video link below), then come here again to verify with these links:

Tragix Gam3r (Video from which he copied)

DR RANN (Video to which he copied)

Still anyone believes him?? Help me to remove that guy out of youtube.. go and report his channel… spent 2 years in Russian jail and still can’t speak English properly… He is totally fake person.. he also doesn’t has any bone cancer….

This was originally founded by (____) youtuber, I am not featuring his channel because he also makes all these type of fake videos.

Screenshot from 2017-03-16 11-09-06


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