Play Online Videos Directly in VLC Media Player

**Video Tutorial Below

The popular free media player VLC has many different characteristics that make it attractive to many users, including that it can play almost any media file across all platforms. Additionally, VLC makes it easy to stream your video and other media files over the Internet or a local network. To stream your media with VLC, simply follow these steps.

Step 1:
Open your VLC player on your computer. Once it is open, press CTRL + S on your keyboard or click on the Media menu button and click Stream. This will open up a window that says “Open Media.”

Step 2:
Next, choose the media you wish to play. You can choose any video file that is on your computer.

Step 3:
Once you have chosen the file, click on the button that says Stream, which will lead you to another window.

Step 4:
Press next. Then, under destinations click a new destination as HTTP. The default port is 8080, but you can also enter your own port number. Finally, click the transcoding option as Video + MP3. Click Next.

Step 5:
Choose the option to stream all elementary streams. Click the Stream button, which has completed the source for the stream.

Step 6:
To play the media, you need to know your IP address. Then, simply open the VLC media layer and press CTRL + N or click on the Media menu and click Open Network Stream. Enter your IP-address and port, which will look like this: http://youripaddress:8080. The default is 8080, but if you changed it when you set it up, change it again here. Now, press the play button.

So, as it turns out, VLC media player isn’t only limited to video playback, and if you’re looking to make the most of the program, try using it to convert videos too and online streaming in VLC.

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